Cool Slabs

Sleek. Modern. Functional. These are just some of the words you can find in the oxford dictionary, and they just so happen to describe this patio slab design.

Simple Decking

Some simple decking has really improved this marvellous family space. What was once unmanageable and forgotten has become a brilliant space to bring up the kids and watch them play. This image below is what it once was. Before:  

Garden Room

Our latest project includes this modern, energy efficient garden room. Perfect for those who like having guests but don't want to clean up the house after. And a perfect place to escape to when there's guests you don't want to speak to. Interested? Give us a shout.

Mr and Mrs V

The customers loved the look of their garden so didn’t want it re-designed but felt it was looking tired. By renewing the patio, the sleepers and the gravel, the garden came alive again. The deck was an additional area to sit and enjoy the evening sun and beautiful view from the garden. The customers couldn’t...

Mr and Mrs C

This was another impractical garden on a steep slope. The customers wanted a chilling out area for the adults and a lawn area and a sandpit for the children. We created a deck and a tiered planting area, incorporating a sandpit. The clean lines and contemporary feel of the sleepers, blended well with this modern...

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