Mr and Mrs G

The brief was to create a useable dining area for entertaining and a flat area for their daughter’s trampoline. The garden was very uneven, so we leveled the area at the back of the garden by the trees as this was a lovely backdrop. We partitioned the deck into two separate areas, one for dining...

Mr and Mrs D

This was quite a specific brief. The customer wanted a large deck raised right up to the door sill. It had to incorporate some protection from the sun and give some privacy from the neighbouring gardens. They also wanted extra wide steps leading down onto the garden. This was to enable their disabled son to...

Mr and Mrs T

This steep bank detracted from the beauty of the house. We devised a planting plan with the customer to give all year round colour to the front of the house. It is totally transformed with the clever use of the right plants.

Mr and Mrs F

The customer was tired of the tarmac and wanted to add some wow factor to their home. These paviers bring the house to life again and certainly give it the wow they were looking for. And yes the drains are still there, look closely.

Mr M

The customer was happy with the structure that was already in the garden, but it needed upgrading and extending slightly for when the family come to visit. We used Jackson’s decking, so it is guaranteed for 25 years. We also re-directed the downpipe to make it less visible. A large impact for relatively little work.

Mr and Mrs B

This brand new house had an uneven and uninspiring garden. The customer wanted lots of areas for planting to cover the walls and an area to store the wheelie bins out of sight. They wanted to plant the garden up themselves as they felt they wanted to put their stamp on it. The different textures,...

Mr and Mrs L

Time had taken it’s toll on these fences, so the customer decided to renew the whole perimeter. We used Jackson’s fencing which comes with a 25 year guarantee and completely enhances the new garden. Entertaining on the patio escapes the midday sun, whereas the decked area captures the sun all day and on into the...

Mr and Mrs M

This was a brand new house. The customer wanted a more interesting and easy to maintain garden, with lots of plants and herbs and a seating area. This was achieved by providing a decked seating area for entertaining and creating lots of different levels in the garden to add character. We used a variety of...

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